Obesity, the numbers say the fattest states are the poorest states in the U.S.

2005-2006 obesity data US & Canada. 

Shockingly, the thinnest and likely most active state Colorado is the thinnest state in America and the only one of all 50 states to have under 20% obesity. Which is the same as every single highly populated Provence in Canada.

Our fattest territories are lowly populated, have permafrost due to their location in the far north  and still the populous has 24-26% obesity which is the same as Washington and other healthy & active areas in the U.S.


The poorest states are the fattest where 28-30.6% of residents are obese (or worse 31.6%!)
Just look at the map for yourself, the fattest states are indeed the poorest! 

What does this say about America? Western Culture? Society? With increasing obesity rates in both the U.S. And Canada… How much does this have to do with the death of the American Dream and the breakdown of our culture where the median income family was able to own a home, have safety, have security and live life as expected. Could the obesity have anything to do with stress and socioeconomic pressures? 

One thought on “Obesity, the numbers say the fattest states are the poorest states in the U.S.”

  1. Hmmmmmm could it have something to do with Big Food and their total lack of regard for the quality of so called FOOD products and the health of consumers? The only difference between BIg Food and Big Tobacco is that the average American is still deluded into believing that companies who produce food would never knowingly cause them harm in the name of easy profits, for example by filling their products with chemicals that get you addicted and keep you coming back for more, all the while destroying your body with the very thing that is supposed to provide you with nutrition and energy. Most of what you will find on grocery store shelves and in restaurants is produced with little to no regard for environmental ethics and will make you sick and tired; all while being packaged and marketed under the label of being “natural” and “nutritious”. Americans are feeding their children poisonous garbage every day, meanwhile they are terrified lest their kids succumb to the evils of smoking weed… Sweet merciful God 0_o

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