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Best Cheap Psychic *My experience* on Oranum

First time posting ANYTHING like this!

I really wasn’t expecting to have a psychic be able to pinpoint my personality accurately and immediately. It was incredible. I am a very unique person and the amount of information this psychic had to share with me was unreal!


My jaw was dropped to the floor the entire time. What an amazing awesome experience to be able to hear all about the things that have been flying around my head. Sometimes the truth is difficult — but over and over I hear in my head the same thing that he told me and it was incredibly cathartic and a total blessing to hear from him that it is up to me to do it, and on my own. What that is… it’s just between us.

I highly recommend this reader. Fantastic.

nourevoyance  is his name… 

Go get a reading today !

A video of Dabrowski Discussing Positive Disintegration

Interesting Comments / Conversation on the Dabrowski interview video relating to personal transformation, personal development, and positive disintegration.

I cannot believe I get to meet Dabrowski even vicariously. This is incredible.

Anyone with an interest in his ‘theory’ would also be interested in the teachings propounded by Alan Watts. I like to think that for western people (?) mostly Dabrowski’s principles are what drive us towards “enlightenment”. The, trial and tribulation of life, and the embracing of it. Then there is Zen which is like an eastern way of getting to a state of “level 4 or 5”, or what ever you want to call it. An Awakening to the realization of No Self. However eastern people have cornered Zen/buddhism much like we cornered christianity and have “Capitalized” on it. Consequently, most Zen “stinks”.

This IS a bit of a rant, but I just want to say, I have strong conviction that there is a possibility of this “auto-therapy” that he speaks of early in the clip, through the process of Zen Buddhism. And by that I don’t mean meditating cross legged for hours on end. Just listen to a few of Watts talks and stay open minded.

I believe there is a very important connection here. A synergy.

California Mist
I agree Alan Watts is pretty similar but I think more so Carl Jung’s theory of Disintegration or even the Personal Development of the Numerological Forecasts for an Individual, of which I am hesitant to suggest but have found deep parallels between this and Jung / Dabrowski’s work in development. Either way, I love Alan Watts <3 Read more Enneagram has been insanely helpful to me with my personal positive disintegration. Also I can't help but notice the clear parallels between this and Joseph Campbell's work relating to the Hero's Epic... example: the positive disintegration of the characters in Star Wars.

One reason people love narcissists who lie, abuse, don’t love them back or treat them well!

One reason people love narcissists who lie, abuse, don’t love them back or treat them well! is a personal flaw. Deeo down people who love those capable of loving them back believe the very best in others. They can not accept that there is an individual who exists who is actually that hollow, that empty and that uncaring. They believe the words instead of the actions. Often from a deep seated desire and want to be consistent, loving and have the same trust, self respect and loyalty that they provide others. Especially their NPD (narcissistic), borderline or abusive spouse.

The fear KARMA in a sense, that if they don’t love others unconditionally that they may not get this type of love back which is, to them, the only love. Loving with no boundaries, always being there for your partner. Unfortunately the victim of the NPD and abusive behavior, lies, manipulation, stealing, etc is often already living in personal hell… as they are participating in a relationship with someone incapable or not willing to love them back.

They may feel they are not loved “anymore” which in a sense is true. Once the individual who is treating you in this horrible and abusive fashion hooked you, they became completely disinterested.

Sad but true. Thoughts?

Obesity, the numbers say the fattest states are the poorest states in the U.S.

2005-2006 obesity data US & Canada. 

Shockingly, the thinnest and likely most active state Colorado is the thinnest state in America and the only one of all 50 states to have under 20% obesity. Which is the same as every single highly populated Provence in Canada.

Our fattest territories are lowly populated, have permafrost due to their location in the far north  and still the populous has 24-26% obesity which is the same as Washington and other healthy & active areas in the U.S.


The poorest states are the fattest where 28-30.6% of residents are obese (or worse 31.6%!)
Just look at the map for yourself, the fattest states are indeed the poorest! 

What does this say about America? Western Culture? Society? With increasing obesity rates in both the U.S. And Canada… How much does this have to do with the death of the American Dream and the breakdown of our culture where the median income family was able to own a home, have safety, have security and live life as expected. Could the obesity have anything to do with stress and socioeconomic pressures? 

The Enneagram Prison Project

Meet the EPP Ambassadors | Enneagram Prison Project from Susan Olesek on Vimeo.

Helping inmates by teaching them how to heal their own hearts through the wisdom of the enneagram and learning about their own personalities and desires. This is a fantastic idea and I am really glad someone is reaching out to our prisoners to teach them about themselves and what really motivates them. I believe this is one of the only ways to truly heal.

The enneagram has helped me personally in endless ways when it comes to self understanding and being able to understand others. I can only imagine how different things would be if the enneagram was used for widespread prisoner reform!

Another brilliant idea is this link I found, Enneagram for the DSM.

Best Jealousy Advice to Overcome Jealous Feelings

“Is it because you have a history of being cheated on? There’s an expression: “What I fear, I create.” Are you testing your partner until he just finally fails? If you fear that somebody is going to cheat on you, you may just push him to a point where someone else may grab his attention. Imagine if someone else treated your partner with dignity and respect, didn’t challenge his integrity every minute of every hour, but was in fact accepting and peaceful and harmonious. These are things that really matter. You need to worry about what you’re creating. Ask yourself: Are you responsible for the previous relationships in which you were betrayed? Did you run those previous partners off with your jealous behavior?”

Easier said than done, but stop comparing yourself to others
Some (not all) jealousy is driven by low self-esteem. “How could they love me? I don’t understand how someone like them could be attracted to someone like me!” We none of us are supposed to understand exactly why someone loves us. Does the Mona Lisa painting know why it is so valuable? Of course, you may be able to appreciate attractive qualities in yourself, but consider this:

There are better looking, richer, funnier, smarter, younger people around than just about all of us, but these are qualities of a ‘product’. If he or she loves you, it will be because of an extra, indefinable quality you have that they couldn’t even explain – some deep part of your humanity they connected to which transcends looks, youth, wealth, and so forth. Some of the most loved people in history have been well down the list when it comes to looks or wealth. Stop trying to ‘work out’ why they can possibly like you.

– See more at:

Assess yourself.

If you’re in a secure and solid relationship, and you’re still feeling jealous, look at yourself and explore your own experiences.

“Research on the subject of jealousy in a romantic relationship indicates that a person’s basic attachment style underlies their tendencies towards jealous reactions,” Morelli said.

I’m too nice, what should I do?

You can’t love someone into treating you better. They need to decide that treating better is something that’s worth it for them. There’s no way that you can keep treating someone better and better if they’re treating me worse and worse and you expect them to change. Why would they change if they have absolutely no incentive to.

I’m too nice, what should I do?

Your morals can cause you trouble if you always want to treat other people well and other people are treating you badly in return. You will keep treating his other people while and hoping and expecting from them same thing. The same thing being honesty, respect, caring, mutual appreciation and so many more things that might be common sense for you.

What you need to remember about commonsense, is the commonsense is called common for a reason. It is common sense to every individual that most individuals retain the same set of logical and easily understood values. Unfortunately this is not the case, regardless of what anyone says to you, or has said about themselves. You cannot assume everyone is being honest, that people say what they mean, and tell you the truth.

The golden rule might not be complex enough for our current day situation. If you give someone an amount of gold for the golden rule for what they’ve given you, and they take that gold and they spend it on heroin or they start betting in elaborate dogfights which is causing harm to animals. It might be better to not handover your gold that individual even if they have an extraordinarily absurd amount of things which you enjoy if they are overal causing great harm it might be best for you to discontinue your kind behaviors.

Basically what I’m saying is the golden rule does not apply when you were enabling people to hurt you or others. You may always want to be there for someone, or you may always want to respond their messages, and you may always want them to know that you care but if they don’t treat you in the exact same way you were teaching them that you don’t deserve to be treated well.

“Why am I not good enough?”

“Am I too ugly? too fat? Too stupid? Too *insert trait here”

It’s hard to not ask questions about the personal responsibility in the situation, or what your own role is in their misbehavior, you have to ask yourself “why does this person act this way?”

You must analyze the situation from a third party perspective. Imagine if your brother, mother, friend or stranger was in the same situation? Remove yourself from the situation and ask yourself what advice you would give another who is in your shoes. Break things down to the basics. Look at things and try and take things less personally.

This can be a very daunting task, to put yourself in an external perspective, but the insight it might provide could be incredible useful.

This is why many people get utterly confused and interactions with other human beings that can become extensively complicated. people are presented with a moral battle inbetween a way in which they feel is right for themselves, a way in which will get them treated well, or in a way that is expected by them in their society. Every experience is a constant battle in deciding which part of yourself you should comply with, the part of yourself which wants to please others, the part of yourself which is being urged by your emotional desires, the intellectual and logical part of yourself, or the part of yourself which wants to comply to societies rules. Of course the parts of yourself which are either agree or disagree with your given situation are going to be dependent on who you are individually and your own personal life experiences emotions and thoughts. These things all coming to play and every single decision that you make believe it or not.

This is why it’s important to realize that not all people think like you do. Your thoughts and your emotions and your feelings are individual to you.

If you tell somebody that you are experiencing or are feeling something and they ignore it and focus on their feelings and they immediately make it about them. Then you switch the focus of them completely, and they do this over and over again how are you ever supposed to talk about your feelings? If you live by your values and always need to meet other people’s needs when they arise?

This is what it means to set boundaries, If someone keeps abusing you again and again and again it doesn’t mean that you should do something to hurt them or somethig that is a immoral even if they’re doing immoral acts to you. Not enabling might mean saying no, not answering that phone call or not giving into demands that you really want to meet.

Enabling is an important word. Enabling a bad person can make them worse. Behavior builds on itself and if someone is treating you badly and you let them. You are teaching them to build neural paths, rewarding for the negative behavior. Ignore this, and this individual will end up abusing others in the future the exact same way that they have abused you. You are setting someone else who was also good-natured and understanding to get taken advantage of by somebody who will take them for granted.

You are also not doing the service to the person who’s being abusive, you were letting them treat you an abusive way which is teaching them that using others will reward them.

Set boundaries, being too nice could actually be mean to the wrong person.