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Top 10 Affirmations for Self Confidence

Self confidence is incredibly important. That is why California Truth has written out these very important top/best affirmations for self confidence with a voice recording so you can listen to them again and again!

  1. People can feel my confidence radiate from every single millimeter of my body

  2. People are drawn to my confidence and attractiveness.

  3. I am bursting with positive energy and emotion.

  4. I am completely sure of myself yet humble enough to defer making judgments on anyone or anything until I have fully assessed the situation and have a deeper understanding.

  5. I am completely full of life and energy and I have more than enough energy to do everything that I need.

  6. I am happy with my mind and my body and both continue to improve daily as I understand further my underlying strength and power.

  7. I feel comfortable in my skin and I am grateful for my attractive body.

  8. It feel fantastic to be alive and I am sharing each moment as a celebration in every moment throughout the day.

  9. I can not get enough of life, because around every corner life is blessing me with more opportunity than I could even imagine for myself!

  10. Every closed window offers an open door with even better opportunities I would have been closed off to before but am now fully aware of.


  1. You are amazing

  2. You are awesome

  3. Your value comes from within

  4. You deserve to be happy

  5. You have a purpose

  6. You know what that purpose is

  7. When you act as your authentic self you will BE HAPPY!

  8. Every second of this life counts

  9. Stop right now and be thankful for your life; FEEL IT

  10. Now show yourself that you care and give yourself a hug

If there is anyone else in the world who deserves it, why wouldn’t you?

>>> HUG <<<

Why we need Affirmations to boost our Self Confidence

It is important to really focus on your self confidence. It seems it is normal in western culture to constantly beat yourself up and to call yourself so many mean names in your head. Just look inside your self and ask yourself if any of your self talk is negative. Get a marker and keep it on your person. For 30 minutes write a little line on your wrist each time you say a negative thought in your head. Chances are you are going to have trouble keeping up!

All this negativity is taken very seriously by your mind. Even if you are just being tongue in cheek, your brain can’t tell the difference. You are building very bad and influential neural paths that are going to dictate how you feel on a regular basis. This is a form of self disabling. By constantly worrying and insulting yourself internally you are basically begging yourself to be depressed and lacking in self confidence!

Sometimes we like to abuse ourselves because someone else did this to us earlier in life. This can all get started really quickly. Check out how something like this can snowball.

Little Sally is in the 3rd grade.

1. Little Sally asks the teacher a question. The teacher yells at Sally for asking a stupid question. Sally is sent to the hall. Sally doesn’t understand why her question was stupid, all she knows is that she gets yelled at which draws very bad attention to her. The other children start calling Sally stupid and making fun of her.

2. Later in class Sally wants to ask the teacher a question. Sally wants to put up her hand. Sally remembers the incident and instantly seems ashamed. Sally thinks to herself, “I’m so stupid, everyone laughs at me because I’m so dumb.” Sally feels bad about it, “If only I wasn’t so dumb people would like me. Christina doesn’t get laughed at when she asks questions. I am worthless compared to her.”

Now there are many scenarios here and people come up with many crazy solutions. People go through life thinking all sorts of incorrect things about themselves. That is why we must undo all this damage. People lash out on each other for all sorts of reasons! Sometimes they are just having a bad day. It is a shame that someones bad day can cause years of trauma for another person. It is true we are usually hardest on ourselves!

3. Years later Sally is in a meeting and she has a question to ask. Sally doesn’t ask it.

What affirmations do is help us understand the truth about ourselves. We are only as capable as what we believe we are. If you tell yourself that you are clumsy, you will not be surprised when you are running into walls. If you tell yourself that you have incredible balance, you will act as if you have it and ultimately develop it.

Affirmations to change your life

You can not do what you do not attempt to do!

You can not improve yourself unless you are willing to take the first steps. The important steps in all areas of life need to be supported by action. Without the confidence to take action we will sit idly by!

This cycle can be slowed down and eventually stopped by growing your self esteem and confidence by using affirmations to build and design your life.

Check out Five Affirmations for Self Confidence and get started TODAY!

It is never to late to give yourself the life you deserve.

Affirmations for Self Confidence

First Affirmation for Self Confidence

“I believe in myself.

Everything I do is so easy for me. I find pleasure in every task I do from the most basic to the most difficult. The more challenging the task is the better I feel!

When I take on challenging tasks I know I am going to succeed. Success comes naturally for me and I find challenging tasks easy!”


Second Affirmation: Overcoming Challenging Tasks

“The harder something is the more I realize it’s what I must do first. The more I feel scared by something the better I am going to be for doing it! I know that my mind is like a muscle and when I overcome my instinctual fears I am being who I am really meant to be as a person. I am absolutely fearless!”

Third Affirmation: I don’t care about what other people think of me!

“I do not care what other people say and think about me. It is none of my business! We live in such a complicated world where everyone is in such a self defensive hurry. When people form bad opinions of me I know they don’t even really know me. If they understood they would feel differently so I don’t even bother and I just brush it off anyways! The universe has the best things planned for me and it keeps me away from people who are wasting my time by having them not like me. I really am very lucky!”

By practicing these affirmations you will help build your self confidence and become a happier and more productive person!

Manifest the things you want in your life!