Numerology Personal Day Number 4

Day 4; (13/4, 22/4)

Higher Vibration of 4 is Master Number 22

Karmic Debt Number 13/4

Master Number 22/4 is the number of the Master Builder. This is your opportunity to make plans on a grand scale or make business dealings or do work that will build up to something grand, fantastic and global. If you do not meet the tests or follow the vibration on the 22/4 day, it will revert to a simple 4 day.

Karmic Debt 13/4 avoid karma punishment on the 13/4 day. Do not be lazy, defer responsibility, complain, try and control others, avoid tasks you have planned or that need to be done. Support and uplift others instead of tearing them down. Do not be rigid in your thinking, you need to think critically and find the real truth.

The Universes expectations; On a 4 Day

Maximum hard work: If you thought you were a hard worker? The universe might not agree with you. You really need to push boundaries and sweat when it comes down to it.

Keeping your word: Sticking to a schedule. Getting done what you set out to accomplish. Finishing what you start. Not getting distracted. Not making any excuses.

Being logical and making sense: Not judging yourself based on society or ill-conceived ideas of what you think hard work is or what makes a “good person” a good person.

Personal Development, Self Help, General Advice, Individuation, Disintegration, and JUNG / MBTI Personality type