Self Improvement

Please enjoy this resource of collected works that will help you take better control of your life and ultimately your destiny. No one can escape being influenced by their environment throughout their life journey. Thankfully there are many tools and resources that will assist you in breaking paradigms and habits that have been controlling your life. Learn to take control of your life and feel the bliss that is true freedom through self improvement.

Mind over Mood

Mind over mood is an in depth workbook that assists the reader to recognize neural patterns, moods, feelings and automated reactions. They have set up an incredibly effective process to uncover true thoughts and feelings as well as recognize automated and potentially unhealthy mental tapes. This workbook can be used on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. It is the first thing California Mist suggests to her clients who come to her for direction and life coaching. This book will improve consciousness and awareness. Just as the title proclaims; mind over mood. This book will aid you into living in a mindful way where you remain in control instead of being a victim to your emotions and thoughts, which many not always reflect your personal values.

Personal Development, Self Help, General Advice, Individuation, Disintegration, and JUNG / MBTI Personality type