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A video of Dabrowski Discussing Positive Disintegration

Interesting Comments / Conversation on the Dabrowski interview video relating to personal transformation, personal development, and positive disintegration.

I cannot believe I get to meet Dabrowski even vicariously. This is incredible.

Anyone with an interest in his ‘theory’ would also be interested in the teachings propounded by Alan Watts. I like to think that for western people (?) mostly Dabrowski’s principles are what drive us towards “enlightenment”. The, trial and tribulation of life, and the embracing of it. Then there is Zen which is like an eastern way of getting to a state of “level 4 or 5”, or what ever you want to call it. An Awakening to the realization of No Self. However eastern people have cornered Zen/buddhism much like we cornered christianity and have “Capitalized” on it. Consequently, most Zen “stinks”.

This IS a bit of a rant, but I just want to say, I have strong conviction that there is a possibility of this “auto-therapy” that he speaks of early in the clip, through the process of Zen Buddhism. And by that I don’t mean meditating cross legged for hours on end. Just listen to a few of Watts talks and stay open minded.

I believe there is a very important connection here. A synergy.

California Mist
I agree Alan Watts is pretty similar but I think more so Carl Jung’s theory of Disintegration or even the Personal Development of the Numerological Forecasts for an Individual, of which I am hesitant to suggest but have found deep parallels between this and Jung / Dabrowski’s work in development. Either way, I love Alan Watts <3 Read more Enneagram has been insanely helpful to me with my personal positive disintegration. Also I can't help but notice the clear parallels between this and Joseph Campbell's work relating to the Hero's Epic... example: the positive disintegration of the characters in Star Wars.