The INTP (unedited)


Extroverted intuition first works as a giant sift. It sees something, hears something, you think something, nearly anything can spark this process… This is like a subconscious google search. In this search every intuitive link exists as a query. It siphons through your database – a data base where introverted sensing has neatly organized all of the information for you. This database mostly only accessible to your conscious mind through your first two functions.

Just like the google search it immediately connects it with a million possibilities, a million memories, and a million facts… Your subconscious feeds your conscious mind with what it views as the most applicable entries that relate to the situation or thought at hand. Just like the “I feel lucky” button available to you on the google main page, but instead of supplying only the most relevant result – it offers you several options. 

While all of this is occurring externally – something else is synthesizing on the internal front. The data rendered from your subconscious, is brought to you as a conscious possibility then is forwarded over or supplied to your Ti for questioning.

Essentially the external happenings of the intp experiences will manifest it’s internal dialogue as a series of questions. It is in the background as well as in the foreground. Quite often you will hear the question as internal dialog while other times the introverted thinking function will completely override the conscious act of questioning.

The INTP is very much an automated being. One that is blessed with the capability to synthesis and understand things other people could never even begin to comprehend. This is the INTPs natural function. Without the natural disassociation introverted thinking provides, the INTP could never accumulate such a vast wealth of knowledge and behaviors. If the introverted thinking did not operate as a completely separate entity from the ego the INTP would be too involved with feelings that result from the brutal truth, social commentary and happenings of everyday life.

You may notice that you rarely, if ever, consciously realize the answers to your internal questions directly after you pose them to yourself. The next question is asked and before you even stop to take a breath to state the answer – the question has sparked another point within the intuitive process which will supply the thinking function with more data to judge and sort and store away through the third but very important function of introverted sensing.

This is an endless cycle that allows you to learn things and understand things without conscious realization on your part. When you are interacting with other people, unless you are an extremely introverted INTP…  you might have a general idea of what might occur but you are not scripted, and you have no detailed plans.

Your extroverted intuition is doing it’s job and is simply dragging information that was stored unconsciously by your introverted sensing function into the external world.

You see, as you may not have received the answer to the questions you have asked in the form of personally observable internal dialog… the very act of asking the question prompted a process where your introverted thinking submitted a query to your introverted sensing – it accessed your vast libraries of data and did two very important things. The first of which was taking the direction of your intuition to find the correct folders (specific areas and categories of memory) where the information related to the question asked was held. Then as the questioning process continues from one question to the next it performs it’s second task where it is able- (through both what you know as true) as well as the process of elimination…  pick a suitable place for the answer to fit within the bigger picture.

This is why when you revisit these topics at a later date you will find that you have quite an understanding. This information which was not readily available for you at the point of curiosity is now streaming to the external and made available to not only those around you – but you yourself. In turn it restarts the process of the synthesis of information all over again. As this happens over and over again – pictures enlarge, views evolve and answers are found.

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